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You have heard her name, possible even seen a picture, but how much do your really know about this famous person? For instance did you know that Joan of Arc is not her real name and was not a name that was ever used while she was alive. Did you also know that pictures like the one to the right are not real pictures of Joan and only artists interpretations of what Joan may have looked like.

Learn the True History of Joan of Arc

The good news is that, while there are many misconceptions about Joan and a lot of inaccurate information on the internet, it is actually pretty easy to learn her true history. This is because Joan of Arcís life is one of the best documented of anyone in history thanks to the three official examinations that were done by the Catholic Church. The records of these examinations have, for the most part, survived and provide a wealth of information concerning the life of Joan that historians have been using for centuries. In order to get you started the rest of this page will give you some basic facts about Joan that will hopefully inspire you to want to learn more about this young woman who was truly amazing. When you are ready to learn more then please visit a more comprehensive website containing the full history of Joan of Arc at

Basic Facts About Joan of Arc

Jehanne d'Arc was Joanís real name. Joan was French so this was her real name that became Joan of Arc in English. Joanís name is also misspelled frequently as Joan of Ark. For a more completely explanation please visit Joan of Arc's Name

Joan was born about January 6, 1412. The actual date of Joanís birth was not officially recorded but the people who lived in Joanís town remembered her to have been born on the Epiphany which is January 6.

Joan was born and raised in the small village of Domremy. Joanís hometown is located in eastern France in a part known as Lorraine.

Joan was first visited by a Voice from God when she was twelve. She later testified at her trial that she was in her fatherís garden on a summer day around noon when she first heard the Voice.

Joan left home when she was sixteen to answer her call from God. Her Voices had told her that she was to aid the future King in reclaiming France from the English invaders.

Joan of Arcís greatest military victories were at the battles of Orleans and Patay. Orleans is considered one of the great turning point battles in the history of war for completely reversing the course of the Hundred Years War. Patay is considered a great military achievement because of the significant margin of victory by the French over the English.

Joan was wounded twice in battle. The first was when she was hit in the chest above her breast by an arrow at Orleans. The second was when she was struck in the thigh by a bolt from a crossbow at the Battle of Paris.

Joan was captured on May 21, 1430 at Compiegne. She was taken prisoner by Burgundian soldiers loyal to the English and held prisoner by them until being sold to the English in late 1430.

Joan was put on trial for heresy by the English in the spring of 1431. The trial was conducted under the authority of the Church however the English paid for and rigged the outcome.

Joan was burned to death at the stake on May 30, 1431. She was pronounced a relapsed heretic and was taken to the old square of Rouen where she was immediately executed. She was a mere nineteen years old when she died.

Joan of Arcís last words were: "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!" Many people in the crowd heard her say ďJesusĒ and then die. There were also several people who stated that they saw a white dove fly away just as she died.

The original trial of Joan of Arc was overturned on July 7, 1456. Referred to as the trial of Rehabilitation or Nullification it completely exonerated her and declared that she was a martyr.

Joan was canonized a Saint by the Catholic Church on May 16, 1920. The very same Church that had once burned her declared her to be an official Saint of the Church Triumphant.

Joan of Arcís feast day is celebrated every year on May 30th. What is the anniversary of her death has become a celebration of her life and her greatness.

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